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  • HD 10-70×70 Binoculars

    Description: 10-180x100 HD High Magnification Long Range Zoom Binoculars Military Hunting Wide Angle Binoculars Outdoor Tourism Telescope Color: Black Magnification: 10-180 Object diameter:50m Eyepiece diameter: 18 Exit pupil diameter: 5mm Eye relief: 14.5mm Minimum focus distance: 8m Diopter adjustment: -4D ~ +4D Prism type: Porro Lens coatings: FC Fogproof: Yes Shockproof: Yes Specification: Origin: CN (Origin)Type: Binoculars Model Number: 262032 Model Number: 10-90x80 Object diameter: 50mEyepiece diameter: 18Exit pupil diameter: 5mmEye relief: 14.5mmMinimum focus distance: 8m Color: Black
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  • HD Wide-angle Central Telescope High Power Low Light Level Night Vision



    This model uses a high refractive index bak4 prism,
    which plays a very important role in the optical structure.

    The quality of the edge determines the effect of imaging and the comfort of viewing.

    The general prism materials are bk7 and bak4.

    Bak4 is a material with a higher refractive index than bak7.

    It can effectively avoid vignetting and restore color
    to a real scene.

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  • Professional 12X45 high magnification HD binoculars


    Product model: 12x45

    Magnification: 10 times

    Objective lens diameter: 40mm

    Field of view angle: 5°

    Eyepiece diameter: 18mm

    Prism system: Paul system

    Prism material: BAK4

    Focusing method: central focus

    Field of view range: 150m / 1000m

    Exit pupil distance: 12.5mm

    Close focus distance: 5m-

    Objective lens coating: pure optical blue film

    Eyepiece coating: pure optical blue film

    Product size: 14x18.5x5.8cm

    Product weight: 855 grams

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  • High-magnification, High-definition Outdoor Binoculars


    High-quality, high-magnification, high-definition outdoor binoculars hot-selling monoculars with flashlight

    description Laser + flashlight + purple four-in-one multifunctional telescope, Meet the use of day and night, Magnification: 12 times Eyepiece size: 22MM Objective lens diameter: 50MM Optical coating: FMC full-broadband green film Eye mask: rotating eye mask Product size: 15cm*6cm Product weight: about 370g

    Objective Lens Diameter: 50MMEyepiece diameter: /Magnification: 12 timesField of View: /Origin: CN(Origin)Type: MonocularModel Number: thrqryjnyMagnification: 12 timesEyepiece size: 22MMObjective lens diameter: 50MMOptical coating: FMC full-broadband green filmEye mask: rotating eye maskProduct size: 15cm*6cmProduct weight: about 370g

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  • Sports Optics Binoculars


    Lens Type:Catadioptric
    Model Number:20X50

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  • Professional Powerful Binoculars Long range


    [video width="720" height="1280" mp4=""][/video]
    Objective Lens Diameter: 40 Eyepiece diameter: 25 MM
    Magnification: 20
    Field of View: 100/1000M
    Water Resistance Level: IPX4
    Prism Description: BAK4 Model Number: 8*40
    Material: Plastic Lens Coating Description: FMC
    Focus Type: Central
    Prism system: Paul system
    Focusing method: central focusOptical coating: FMC Waterproof: support Weight: 0.75kg
    Color: black Field of view angle: 8.2 degrees

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