You believe what you see

Seen Store is a brand that evolves continuously by its customers changing wants and needs. We believe while making choices in your life, your strongest sense is your sense of sight, hence we want to deliver a shopping experience based on “You Get What You See”. Seen Store in order to achieve its goal is bringing an e-commerce platform where vendors are provided the unparalleled opportunity to provide customers exactly what they want. To achieve this, we have a well curated vendor registration process which focuses on product quality, post-sale support and customer satisfaction. We are also making our vendors and customers interact as closely as possible in order to enable our vendors to create the best possible shopping experience for our vendors and everyone live the mantra “You Get What You See”. Seen Store is an online marketplace which enables vendors to provide an end-to-end shopping experience to customers without any loopholes. We are creating an online platform which enables vendors to focus on creating quality products rather than operations of sales, marketing or delivery.

Our Vision

Help People make choices based on their strongest sense, which is their sense of sight. Our vision is to create a shopping experience for people where our customers can say “Received as seen”.

Our Mission

Enable people to shop online without thinking of any risks of not getting what they are seeing. As a mission, we want to be company with ZERO complaints regarding people not getting what they saw online.